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11 Must-Visit Destinations Near Big Bubble Koh Tao

Whoever comes to Big Bubble Koh Tao but doesn't know where to go, today we have gathered many amazing check-in points Must-Visit Destinations Near Big Bubble Koh Tao for you

Whoever comes to Big Bubble Koh Tao but doesn’t know where to go, today we have gathered many amazing check-in points Must-Visit Destinations Near Big Bubble Koh Tao for you, whether it’s must-visit tourist attractions or restaurants with great atmosphere and excellent taste.

1.John-Suwan viewpoint

John-Suwan viewpoint

Let’s start with the first tourist destination, the John-Suwan viewpoint known as the most beautiful on Koh Tao. It’s located close to BigBubble, within a walking distance of just 800 meters or a 10-minute walk. This viewpoint is situated on the southern part of the island and was discovered by Mr. Suwan, the landowner of this area, and his foreign friend named John.To reach the highest point, you need to hike along a natural trail, which is slightly steep but manageable, with ropes provided for assistance throughout the way. From the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of Chalok Baan Khao Bay, and Shark Bay, with a vibrant greenery of trees separating the two bays. Taking pictures here creates a distinctive and unique memory. Alternatively, witnessing the sunset in the evening is also an incredibly captivating option.The entrance fee is only 50 Baht.

2.Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach kohtao

The next destination is ‘Freedom Beach,’ a small beach that stands out with its fine white sand and bantigue lining the shore. Here, you can find an interesting spot for snorkeling as there are various coral reefs and diverse species of fish. Moreover, the beach provides comprehensive facilities, including beach chairs, restaurants, beachside bars, and shower rooms. However, please note that the beachside bar only accepts cash payments, so don’t forget to bring some cash with you.The distance from BigBubble to Freedom Beach is approximately 800 meters or a 10-minute walk. The entrance and admission fee here are combined with John Suwan’s, so you can say it’s a two-for-one deal! It’s definitely worth it!

3.Sun Suwan

Sun Suwan

Another must-visit viewpoint is ‘Sun Suwan.’ This spot serves a 360-degree panorama of Koh Tao, featuring allocated areas for sitting and enjoying the gentle breeze while admiring the stunning views. Whether you’re someone who enjoys taking unique photos for your Instagram or just looking for a picturesque experience, rest assured you won’t be disappointed here.The entrance fee is only 50 Baht, and you can exchange it for a free soft drink! Alternatively, you can add some money to purchase alcoholic beverages. This place is perfect for watching the sunset or simply sitting back and enjoying the evening view. It’s located just 650 meters from BigBubble, which takes about 8 minutes to walk. If you prefer to enjoy beautiful views from a high vantage point without walking too far, this place is the answer.

4.Shark Bay

Shark Bay

Last but not least, a must-visit spot for travelers is ‘Shark Bay. This place is a highly popular snorkeling destination on Koh Tao, and the best part is, there’s no admission fee. If you want to encounter sea turtles, hawksbill turtles, and blacktip reef sharks, this is the place where you have a very high chance of seeing them every day. On the way down to the beach, there’s a small beachside bar that serves drinks, but there’s no food menu available. So, if you plan to relax here, don’t forget to bring some snacks just in case you get hungry after the activities on the beach. Shark Bay is located only 500 meters from BigBubble, which takes just 6 minutes to walk. It’s the closest spot for an exciting experience!

Next, let’s talk about restaurant options near BigBubble. Within walking distance, there are restaurants with great ambiance and delicious flavors that you should definitely try. Whether you’re looking for cafes, Thai restaurants, international cuisine, healthy food options, beverages, or desserts, you’ll find a wide variety of choices in this area.


Koppee - Kohtao

The first restaurant that coffee lovers will surely adore is ‘Koppee.’ It’s a beachside cafe and restaurant with a diverse menu offering both Thai and international dishes, along with coffee, smoothies, pastries, ice cream, and much more. The unique decor features wooden and brown-toned materials, and they even have a pool by the beach where you can take a dip. This makes the place popular among tourists, and customers frequently check-in here.’Koppee’ opens from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM and is incredibly close to BigBubble, just 10 meters away or less than a minute’s walk. You can say it’s just a stone’s throw away!

6.Asia Mood

Asia Mood

The second restaurant, ‘Asia Mood,’ is an Asian eatery offering a variety of Korean and Japanese dishes. Whether it’s rice dishes, noodle dishes, or appetizers, they stand out with their quality and generous portions at reasonable prices. This makes ‘Asia Mood’ another Asian restaurant worth trying. Located just 20 meters away from BigBubble, it’s only a 1-minute walk. During the evenings, the restaurant tends to be quite busy, so if you prefer not to wait, it’s recommended to call ahead and make a reservation or place your food order in advance.

7.Big Bite Cafe

Big Bite Cafe

The third restaurant is a small cafe that health-conscious individuals should definitely mark on their map. It serves a fusion of Mexican, Mediterranean, and gluten-free dishes. The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas, including charming corners perfect for taking pictures and creating content. The decor, adorned with wood and vintage items, gives the place a cozy atmosphere. It’s a delightful spot to sit and relax. The cafe is open every day from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. It’s located just 260 meters away from BigBubble, which is just a 3-minute walk. So, it’s easily accessible!



“Ananas” is a cozy cafe and restaurant with a delightful ambiance and delicious flavors. They offer a variety of options, including Thai, international, and fusion cuisine, for visitors to savor. The cafe’s elevated location allows for a refreshing breeze, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The decor features warm orange and yellow lights, and the outdoor area is adorned with tropical plants, giving the place a romantic and intimate vibe, making it ideal for enjoying a dinner. ‘Ananas’ is located just 70 meters away from BigBubble, which is only a 1-2 minute walk.

9.Sandwich Lady

Sandwich Lady.

The next stop is a small restaurant with a unique concept, named ‘Sandwich Lady.’ They specialize in sandwiches, as the name suggests, and also offer healthy fruit juices. It’s quite popular around 10 o’clock when people enjoy grabbing a quick and delicious meal. For those looking for something to eat while on a boat trip, this place is another interesting option. ‘Sandwich Lady’ is located just 260 meters away from BigBubble, which is only a 3-minute walk.”

10.Mellow Submarine

Mellow Submarine

The next restaurant for food enthusiasts is ‘Mellow Submarine.’ It’s a place that’s perfect for those who love taking photos due to its decor in shades of blue, turquoise, and white. The whole place is adorned with postcards and adorable images of sea creatures. Additionally, if you prefer a more natural atmosphere, there’s a zone close to the trees and with greenery.

The menu mostly consists of brunch dishes, including around 5-6 Thai dishes, and a variety of beverages, such as coffee, tea, and smoothies. ‘Mellow Submarine’ is located just 240 meters away from BigBubble, which is a quick 3-minute walk. It’s a great spot to explore!

11.Bubble Bar & Restaurant

Bubble Bar & Restaurant

The last and closest restaurant that you must visit is ‘Bubble Bar & Restaurant.’ It’s a beachside eatery located right next to Big Bubble Diving and Bubble Bungalow. They offer a wide selection of dishes, including both Thai and international cuisine, as well as smoothies and alcoholic beverages. The restaurant serves food from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, while the bar operates from 4:30 PM to midnight. If you want to enjoy delicious food and a chill beachside ambiance, don’t miss the chance to check-in here!

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