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How Freediving Courses Help You Hold Your Breath Longer?

For those who have never tried freediving courses before, they may imagine it as diving into the depths or taking beautiful photos. However, the key to being able to do that is breath-holding. Many people may have tried holding their breath and felt tortured and uncomfortable.

This is because the ability to hold our breath for a long time is not just about holding it and enduring for as long as possible, but it is about giving the body time to adjust and practicing mindfulness to keep the mind calm and comfortable

How Freediving Courses Help You Hold Your Breath Longer

Breath-holding in the freediving courses encompasses the process of relaxing the body, organizing thoughts while holding the breath, and being aware of the limits during each breath-holding session. In training, we need to familiarize ourselves with adjusting our thoughts and controlling the body to relax, regardless of the sounds occurring around us, the way we look or touch, the water’s impact on the body, and practicing body adjustments when experiencing breath cravings.

How Freediving Courses Help You Hold Your Breath Longer

Therefore, when the body practices adjustment, the brain perceives and remembers, and the mind remains calm without fear, resulting in reduced anxiety. In subsequent dives, we will be able to stay underwater for longer periods, allowing us time to admire the beauty of the underwater world. Moreover, we will also know the limits our body can endure during each breath-holding session, which allows us to plan better for future dives.

The important thing for freediving is to practice and enjoy diving without putting too much pressure on oneself. By practicing frequently, one can improve their skills. However, the crucial aspect is to always consider safety and never dive alone.

I wish everyone to have fun with diving, and for those who have never tried or are interested in exploring the underwater world, you are always welcome. We believe that the smile you bring back from the sea will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.